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Bringing New Life to Your Marquee


“Wagner is the best! If you want it done right, and the best in follow up after the sale this is it.”

Chris Arnott


“Have done multiple locations with Wagner, fantastic signs. Magic tunnel express car wash”

Roger Beck


“As a Neon Collector I have found Wagner Electric Sign to be a valued asset. From glass repair & transformer replacement they have been amazing to work with. Jennifer and Darlene upfront have always been polite and responsive. Jennifer has done a great job assisting me with designing some Custom Neon and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Wagner sign to anyone looking for Neon repair or design.”

Scott Dillen


“I recently chose Wagner Sign to replace an existing set of LED reader boards that I needed for my shop. Their installation was fast and the product used looks great. I was very unhappy with the previous set that I had purchased elsewhere. Wagners was great to work with and I’ll be using them again for a future project I have in mind.”

Jason Lowery

For over 65 years and three generations, Wagner Electric Sign Co., in Elyria, OH, has specialized in innovative marquee sign restoration, designs, and technology. Since our beginning, our family-owned and operated business has been an industry leader. We are continually honing our skills and expertise in communication design and customer service and creating breathtaking marquees, blade signs, and strong customer relationships.

Saenger Theater Sign Marquee Signs by Wagner Electric Sign Co.

Comprehensive Services Designed to Fit Your Needs

From restoring a simple canopy structure mounted to the front of a hotel or theater to the creation of a full animated marquee canopy or building a vertical blade sign, we have the skills, knowledge, and ability to bring new life to your building. We work diligently to ensure each project gets the individual attention and detail it deserves. Each member of our team understands the importance of accuracy in preserving the history of your marquee and the appreciation of restoring it back to what was once there.

Our team specializes in researching the history of your building and restoring or manufacturing a new marquee to replicate the past. With today’s technology and energy conservation techniques, we can create a seamless transition from ideas to the final product.

Types of Lighting Available


Typically, the three main bulb styles used are G11, S14, and A15. Available in clear, frosted, transparent, or painted. The G11 and S14 normally are 10 or 11 watts compared to the A15 at 25 or 30 watts. The bulbs are rated for 120V and normally are the standard medium screw socket. This style is what was originally used, but it is being slowly phased out due to energy conservation.

Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

Also come in G11, S14, A15 styles. Available in clear, frosted, and limited in transparent or painted. The S14 at 10 watts compared to the A15 at 14 watts. The bulbs are rated from 120V and normally are the standard medium screw socket. The color range is 2700K – 5000K. 2700K more yellow and 5000K more blue. More energy-efficient than incandescent.


These come in G11, S14, A15 styles. Available in clear, frosted, and limited in transparent or painted wattage ranges from 1 watt to 3 watts. The bulbs are rated for 120V and normally are the standard medium socket. The color range is 2700K – 5000K. 2700K more yellow and 5000K more blue. Colored LEDs are also available. Considered the most energy-efficient of all bulb types.


This type of lighting is used for letters, designs, and borders. Neon lighting is custom-manufactured for each project. Many colors are available.

LED (Strip/Tube)

There are many styles, colors, and lengths available. In special cases, a neon effect can be produced in a standard static color or capable of being changed with the assistance of a computer and controller. Many colors and white variations are available.

Fluorescent Tube

These are normally set behind plastic. Commonly used to light panels with graphics or changeable letters.

LED Display

Today, many theaters have begun to use LED displays. Messages are changed quickly with the capabilities of using pictures, videos, or mocking and old style changeable message boards. Live streaming is also possible. They have been proven to be the safest. No ladders required, or fear of falling letters. Displays come in RGB and can produce over a trillion colors. Different pixels sizes are available for budget purposes.

We Are the Experts To Call

Our team has worked with businesses nationwide to restore or create replicas of some of the country’s most recognizable marquees. To learn more about our services and how we can help restore or repair the marquee of your theatre, opera house, or concert hall, please contact us at
440-245-6540 today!


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