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Wagner Electric Sign Co. in Elyria, OH provides every kind of electrical signage service you can imagine and beyond. We really do everything: from estimates and design, through installation, repairs, maintenance and restorations. Our team of professionals are highly trained, deeply experienced and serious about maintaining safety standards.. Even if you have your own design and your own sign but need it coded to present the correct message, we can do it! If you’re starting completely from scratch, our design team will work with you to ensure we are representing your company and brand exactly as desired, or required by franchise standards. Standard electrical signs (illuminated or non), LED and neon signage are our specialty and we’re happy to show you the difference we can make.

Saenger Theater Sign Electric Signs in Elyria, OH | Wagner Electric Sign Co.

Electric Sign Design, Repair & Installation!

Our services are comprehensive and we are dedicated to safety. As we are one of only 29 companies in the country that is truly UL Listed,we are a part of an even smaller demographic that has the ability to contract a UL Listing field inspector. Every aspect of your sign will be up to code, completely safe, and absolutely professional. We’ve been in business since 1954 and have completed some of the largest and most complex signage designs and installations you can image. Please see our list of electrical signage services, and never hesitate to call should you have a seemingly unique request.

Custom Electrical Sign Manufacturing

  • Neon Signs: We use a full proper EuroCom Pumping station for the highest quality neon, upholding our safety regulations and UL Listing to the letter. We guarantee safe, high voltage and beautiful neon signage.
  • Architectural & Advertising: Hospitals, tech firms, and shopping centers alike use our architectural graphics to help convey a professional expression of their brand and location.
  • Wall Signs: Help potential or existing customers find your location and provide pertinent information, such as hours of operation, specials and updates.
  • Freestanding Signs: These cover the gamut for quick communication! Monument signs, ground signs, directional signs, church signs, single tenant monolith (pylon) signs, architectural graphics and works of art, corporate identity, pole signs, hi-rise signs, electronic message center signs, main retail center and multi-tenant signs.
  • Sports Facility Signage: This covers everything from the “welcome”, to the “where’s the bathroom?”, and finding your favorite food vendors. Sports facility signage needs to be well branded and specific for the fan best experience!
  • Mall Signage: These large and important signs are made by top quality, seasoned craftsmanship using only UL Listed components and official UL Listed field inspection.
  • Corporate Identity Signage: No matter how well-established you are, it’s important to help clients find your headquarters, and/or to keep your brand visible and maintained.
  • Institutional Signage: Banks, medical centers, and schools often have new visitors. Professional, on brand, and pristinely functioning electronic signage will help them find you!

Designer Services

  • We set you up properly from the very start with our expert team of graphic designers. Not only are they astute and keen eyed designers, they understand every aspect of set up needed for proper sign fabrication. What you see, is really what you get.
  • If you have your own design, our team will take it and set it up for fabrication to ensure no detail is missed.
  • Signage and lighting often go hand in hand: we are adept at retrofitting lighting on older and historical signs, designing parking lot lighting or artistic neon lighting to brighten a space and everything in between.

Electrical Sign Installation

  • No matter how simple or complex your sign’s installation may be, we take the same safety precautions, attention to detail and care on every job.
  • If your sign requires maintenance or repair that involves taking it down and reinstalling, we will happily and carefully take care of it.
  • We are incredibly equipped! We run 4 – 5 installation crews daily with a full fleet of trucks and boom lifts: 93′ double-man basket with a remote and welder; one extra heavy duty 100′ skyhook boom truck and a remote welder; one heavy duty 100′ skyhook boom truck with a remote welder; one 55′ remote aerial ladder truck; one dump truck with backhoe / front end loader; two pickup trucks, one 28′ lowboy trailer; one 80′ regular duty skyhook boom truck and a remote welder; and two remote jackhammers.

Electrical Signage Repair & Maintenance

  • Whether we designed, built and installed the signage for you or not, we are happy to help! Our IT department keeps a solid inventory of parts to ensure quick turnaround and total accuracy.
  • Depending on the age and/or location of your electrical signage, maintenance is key to keeping your message well represented and legible. Call us before anything malfunctions so you never miss a moment of exposure.

Marquee Refurbishment, Restoration & Replication

  • If your theatre, opera house or concert hall have a marquee in need of repair or restoration, we are the experts to call. Nationwide, we have restored or created replicas of some of our country’s most recognizable marquees.

Other Services:

  • Sales Consulting Services
  • Permitting Services
  • Digital Sign Support

Our Gallery

You may recognize a few of these signs! Whether we completed a project for your business or you’ve visited one of the many iconic theatres who’s marquee we’ve restored or built, such as the Detroit Music Hall, we’re so proud to have worked with each and every one of you!

If your business is in need of an electrical sign, we’re happy to talk to you, provide a quote and find the best option for your needs and budget. Below is a large sampling of some of the clients we’ve worked with from our local medical centers here in Elyria, OH to Twitter’s Headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Our gallery features all variations of the custom manufactured electrical signs we have built, including: neon signs, architectural and advertising, wall signs, freestanding signs, sports facility signage, mail signage, corporate identity and institutional signage.

If you need a new sign, need a sign repaired, or have a marquee in need of historical restoration

contact us at 440-245-6540 today!

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